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Smaller knives are Geoff's preference in both fixed blade and folding patterns and whilst he prefers the challenge of making "things work properly" in small folding patterns, he will make larger pieces by agreement.  He particularly enjoys working with more demanding materials such as damascus steels, precious metals, pearls and mammoth ivory.


Each piece of work starts with sections of metal, squares or burrs of exotic woods, pieces of antler, shells, horn or legal ivories as well as some man-made materials. These separate materials are then transformed with care, patience and self-taught craftsmanship into fine cutting tools. He has established a well deserved reputation for combining flowing form and interesting materials to create pleasing and tactile knives which are used, admired and collected in Europe, North America, Africa, the Middle East and as far away as Australia and New Zealand.


Geoff prefers to make knives entirely to his own design, however he will make knives to commission so that the Client's thoughts and requirements may be incorporated to provide a mutually satisfying custom made knife.


For more information or to discuss your ideal knife contact Geoff by email or by telephone.